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View Bathroom Subfloor Replacement Background. When i take the next layer of plywood and put it down on to the subfloor should i use screws or nails? In this story you'll see how to repair the rotted floor around a toilet.

Repairing A Severely Rotted Subfloor - Extreme How To
Repairing A Severely Rotted Subfloor – Extreme How To from

Obviously, the bathroom subfloor and the whole flooring would have to deal with a high amount of moisture. Or maybe your floorboards are squeaking a little louder than usual. You will probably need to replace subflooring in a mobile home eventually, especially if it's an older home or you have encountered a leak.

.a rotten bathroom floor and replacing it with advantec subfloor and finally new vinyl in.

Removing rotting flooring, underlayment under toilet and adding framing and replacing subfloor and. Cost to replace plywood vs. Check that the replacement tile fits properly. I plan to use the same thickness.