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View Bathroom Layout Rules Uk Pics. Designing a bathroom is a rewarding yet challenging project. Whether your bathroom is small or spacious, our bathroom layout plans and advice will help you to nail an arrangement that works.

Interior Colour Rules For Your Small Space - Thrapston Tiling
Interior Colour Rules For Your Small Space – Thrapston Tiling from

This is going to be a bathroom for my son in our new build property. If you're trying to sneak a bathroom into that area under the stairs or squeeze one into some left over loft space you need to check the rules about ceiling height. We will be installing a narrower door than shown which will be 726mm wide and will be hung to open out of the room rather than in, with the hinge in the position shown.

I love sharing a bathroom with my whole family, said no homeowner ever.

The rules of good bathroom design. While tight, this is possible, especially when privacy walls isolate the bathtub and toilet areas. This bathroom dimensions information forms part of the bathroom layouts series. While it might seem daunting, getting your bathroom layout right from the start will make the difference between an adequate design and one that ticks all your boxes.