41+ Bathroom Sink Slow Drain Vent Images

41+ Bathroom Sink Slow Drain Vent Images. Slow running or blocked bathroom sink drains are a common household issue often caused by hair or hygiene products that eventually build up and create a blockage. My bathroom sink isn't draining very well, and it's driving me crazy.

Bathroom Sink Air Vent Clogged
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While the water does eventually drain out, it takes a long time—and what can be done about the slow sink drain? Bathroom sink & bathtub drain strainers. It's a double sink, one side straight down in the p trap, other side a garbage disposal.

Use baking soda and vinegar (the natural alternative to chemicals).

It is used to plug the sink and can be removed easily for cleaning. Keeping the clean out open allows the drainage to occur without bubbling or slowness. Select the department you want to search in. Our one and only bathroom sink is draining slowly and it's driving me a little crazy.